‘Adventure’ – The Pursuit of Life!

What we offer is specific - unforgettable Trekking/Hiking Weekends -but our focus is broad in terms of destinations and trip styles. We have a tour that fits nearly anyone who loves to hike inbreathtaking landscapes, forts and pinnacles in and around Mumbai. For people seeking solitude, wildness and adventure, a day out on a trek is a sure choice. Our programs are all about discovering new places and experiences. We program and organize small-group ground breaking itineraries on weekends and public holidays throughout the calendar. The advantage of being part of a small, informal group is that you can share your experiences in the company of like-minded peoples, explore deeper and further.

Our Team

We are team of trekking buffs and social workers from diverse professional backgrounds. All work with equal rights and responsibilities. In our organization you won't find a boss or a supervisor but you will find a tight-knit team of dedicated people committed to the organization and the cause.
So buckle up, strap on your hats, and get ready for adventure in India!

Excellent Adventures

Mumbai Trekkers gives a platform for the adventurous, inquisitive and curious individuals who want to explore the mesmerizing nature, discover new places, are really passionate about hiking, trekking, mountaineering, cycling, biking and all sorts of outdoor adventures. Our trekking and social events are energetic, lively and fun-filled.


We make sure that even a single day trek with us becomes a lifetime experience for our participants. The thrill of adventure proximity to nature & discussions on history on our treks & outings promise to take you into a different world in itself. We constantly provide our participants with'off beaten paths.' Mumbai Trekkers has been very innovative in designing it's programmes. We always standout for the quality of the service we provide.

Mission & Target


    We put tremendous intention into ensuring our trips are exceptional with extraordinary trek leaders, smart itinerary, smooth transport and fantastic local cuisine!


    Helping people "get out" into the stunning landscapes we visit is inherently enriching for our guests, and to work in these beautiful places is a dream come true for our trek leads.

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